Issue: 01/2019
Author: Maja Tabea Jerrentrup, Ajeenkya DY Patil University 

What are the upcoming trends in photography? By looking at a popular German photography magazine, both trends respective layout and with regard to content are analysed. It becomes obvious that the layout sticks less to formal rules and that the layout of single articles is prioritised over the consistency of the entire magazine. It also becomes clear that despite more intensive maintenance of the website and the attempt to make it more interesting and upgrade it, the print magazine still plays the considerably more important role for the featured photographers. With regard to the themes, various trends can be seen, including, for example, the increased focus on photographic indexicality as in street photography, but also under the keyword “authenticity”, on nostalgia, but also on fantasy themes at the same time. Psychological aspects are also becoming much more important, while technical aspects are taking a more subordinate role.

Keywords: Magazine; Trend; Layout; Typography; Topics

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