Please stick to the Chicago Manual of Style, which can be found here:


Pictures Science is a peer-reviewed journal. We publish research articles and articles about art projects.

Our guidelines:

  • We only accept articles which have not been previously published online or in any other journal.
  • Before submitting a full article, please submit an abstract of maximum 160 words, which also can be used for the final publication if accepted. By this the editorial board will check if the topic suits the planned issue.
  • Contributions should not exceed 9,000 words including abstract, footnotes and references.
  • Every contribution starts with a short abstract, not longer than 160 words.
  • Every contribuition should be accompanied by 1-6 pictures. The author must have the rights to publish the text and the pictures in our journal. The pictures should not be embedded in the manuscript, but uploaded separately. The minimum size is 1500 x 1000 pixel. Indicate in your manuscript where the pictures must be places using the following format: [[NAME OF FILE: Caption.]].
  • A short biographical information about the author, as well as his/her contact data should be included on a separate sheet.
  • Articles should be submitted in English. German submissions are possible as well, but we strongly encourage English submissions.
  • Please use a comprehensible language, do not use unnecessarily complicate language.
  • The evaluation process can take some months and if considered for publication, we will send back the paper with eventual changes which must be reviewed by the author. Rejection will be given without any comment.
  • We prefer a 11- or 12-point font and a 1.5-spacing. Footnotes are only used for further explanations and should not exceed 50 words.
  • Plagiarism is taken very seriously. Please acknowledge properly the work of others.
  • Please stick to the format given here:
  • With the submission the author confirms that he/she holds all rights for the image, text and video material used.