Issue 03/2019

In front of the camera

In many cases photography requires at least two subjects, the photographer and the person in front of the camera. Who is he or she, who is the model? Why does he or she stand in front of the lens?

Various types of models can be distinguished, the ones which end up as the subject of a photograph by chance, becoming part of a rather spontaneous shot, and further, there are people modelling as a hobby or a job, be it in form of planned photoshootings or be it people offering to be photographed at common travel destinations, often being dressed up to match tourists’ visions of local traditions. Numerous questions arise from these situations. What characterizes the relationship between model and photographer? How does it feel to be photographed? Why do several people enjoy being photographed whereas others dislike it?

We are looking forward to your articles on aspects concerning the process and result of being photographed. As usual, we are also interested in articles about sophisticated art projects surrounding “modelling” . For submissions, please click HERE and first send an abstract of 1000 signs so that the editorial board can check whether the topic would be considerable.