Issue 01/2020


Photography is a subject that is dealt with by various disciplines, and consequently, there are many different ways of looking at the phenomenon.

For this issue, we wanted to make it as diverse as possible, with psychological, philosophical and historical themes, as well as an artistic project:
Linus P.F. Guenther presents a study that deals with the understanding of the human psyche thought art perception, in particular through allegory formation. Alexandra Schotsch’s contribution investigates which problems introvert portrait photographers face and how this character trait can be used to their advantage relying both on psychological methods and participant observation. John-Stewart Gordon examines whether snapshots should be considered works of art and, by extension, whether snapshooters can be artists. The epoch of Pictorialism is Manish Sehrawat’s theme; he gives insights into a time of great change and draws a bow to the present, in which he observes a new Pictorialism.

An artistic project by Harrashad Kaamble deals with cultural identity and gives an introduction to Indian art theory.