Issue: 01/2020
Author: Linus P. F. Guenther, Sigmund-Freud-University Berlin, Germany

The present study deals with the understanding of the human psyche thought art perception, in particular through allegory formation. Besides our physiological nerve- and endocrinological-system, it is mainly culture which constitutes the human psyche. Art is one of the central element and further expression of every culture. Yet, the scientific discourse about the connection between art works and the organization of our psyche is very little in psychology. Hence, a case study will be presented which illustrates this connection precisely. Therefore, an interview design was developed to evoke an allegory and story formation as art perception of Robert P., who was chosen for this study. The analysis of the data revealed an ideology of his attitude of life. Through the formation of a story and an allegory about a painting Robert P. reveals an intrapsychic ambivalence between goal-orientated Rationalism and romantic German idealism. Further Robert P.´s expressions about the art work show his understanding but also confusion towards this conflictory ambivalence. Furthermore, the case study elicits the association of cultural thinking and the individual value system towards the expressed art perception of Robert P. Consequently, a displayed art work seems to function as a catalyzer for the expression of the personal mind.

Keywords: Cultural Psychology, Art Perception, Allegory, Individual Value System, Life Script Ideology


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